Membership Eligibility

Student membership may be granted to any individual who fulfills the following requirements:

  • Currently an undergraduate and/or graduate student interested in San Antonio Area research and academic libraries.
  • Provides an application for student membership and agrees to abide by the CORAL bylaws.
  • Be approved by the CORAL board.

Membership Fee

Student Membership Fee in CORAL is $12.00 per year and is limited to 3 years total while an undergraduate or graduate student.

Membership Benefits

What does my membership include?

  • Professional support and networking opportunities through the CORAL List-Serv, publications and the annual CORAL meeting.
  • Participate in vote for CORAL officers.
  • Students will have one group vote via Student Member-at-Large
  • Continuing education opportunities through member events, programs and the annual CORAL meetings.
  • Assistance with volunteer/practicum placement. Please note, volunteer/practicum placement is not guaranteed.
  • Mentorship with librarians or library staff.

Links and Resources