CORAL Member Services

Get collaborative! Check out how you can connect with CORAL members below.

CORAL Slack Channel

Fluidly converse with fellow CORAL members on the CORAL Slack channel! Interested in joining?

Request Your Invite here!

CORAL Call for Collaborators

If you’re looking to publish, present, develop a training, kick-off a new initiative, (the list is endless), and are looking for some participation, the CORAL CfC listing allows you to both post your project information and join someone’s initiative.

CORAL Directory

A member-generated listing of library staff willing and able to connect on topics they specialize in. Members can easily fill in their own areas of capability to make known that they are open to connecting to share their knowledge.

So if you’re looking for help with library marketing, cataloging, or developing training, etc., reach out to members on the CORAL Directory!

CORAL Publications

List your publications for discovery among your CORAL members! Citations and links to publisher sites are provided rather than the full-text because, well, we all know why; we’re librarians after all.