The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education could be our ticket beyond traditional instruction — into areas and in ways Information Literacy has not always been considered. It has changed our professional tides and what other group (CORAL!) is more adept in the waters?

This interest group discusses how we make the Framework work for us in our classrooms, on our campuses, with our disciplinary faculty, and in academia as a whole. We are interested in “Metro-Collaborative” projects and studies involving:

  • Faculty immersions and the Framework
  • The Framework and open access/ using open access to teach the frames
  • The Framework and digital commons/using student research and publications to exemplify the frames
  • Citation analysis of IL Frames in non-library publications
  • Comparing and converging information literacy and disciplinary frameworks/Using the Framework for more integrated, sequenced, combined learning objectives
  • A possible “Converging Frameworks Workshop” for San Antonio-wide faculty and librarians


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May 13, 2016 Conference Call

July 12, 2016 Conference Call (Rough brainstorming ideas)

July 25, 2016 Meeting @ OLLU